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Black Diamond Angel Necklace And Earrings – The New Chic Look

Do you need matching earrings for an angel necklace? Look at this lovely combination below. Black Diamond Chic We have a black and white diamond angel feather wing. Match with a pair of  black diamond stud earrings. They look gorgeous when worn together. If you mix and match your accessories, you can create many different [...]

Angel Necklace – Angel Wings To Lift Your Heart

~ May angel wings carry your heart towards Happiness ~ Feel the lightness of a care free heart. For angel wings will carry it in the right direction. This Angel Wings With Heart Necklace is crafted from rhodium plated sterling silver.  The wings, encrusted with cubic zirconia, have a pretty shimmer. The pendant measures 21 [...]

Angel Necklace – Give A Meaningful Jewelry Gift To Touch A Heart

I enjoy giving an angel necklace as a present. The person who receives the jewelry may be a loved one, a family member, or a friend. But there are times when my angel necklace goes to someone that I don’t really know that well. I just thought a little spiritual inspiration could help. And an [...]

Angel Wing Necklace – Fly On The Wings Of Love

There is a ballad, Fly On The Wings Of Love by the Olsen Brothers. A beautiful song that makes me happy. Get your fill of inspirational love here. Watch the video. Whilst listening to Fly On the Wings of Love, I thought there must be an angel jewelry somewhere out there, that will perfectly complement [...]

Angel Wing Necklace – Sterling Silver White Wing With Black Diamonds

This angel wing necklace looks elegant in classic black and white. Angel wing is a symbol of peace, the Holy Spirit and love. You naturally feel safe, and protected under the wings of an angel. The white angel feather wing is crafted in sterling silver. And features black diamonds near the top of the wing. [...]